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Qatar Airways Bubble Agreement

Qatar Airways Bubble Agreement: What It Means for Travelers

Qatar Airways has recently announced the signing of a “bubble agreement” with the United Kingdom. This agreement will allow for quarantine-free travel between the two countries for eligible passengers. The move has been met with excitement from both leisure and business travelers who have been unable to travel due to national lockdowns and quarantine measures.

What is a Bubble Agreement?

A bubble agreement is a bilateral agreement between two countries to allow quarantine-free travel between them. This agreement is based on the premise that the two countries’ COVID-19 situations are under control, and there is no significant risk of infection. The agreement is designed to revive international travel between two destinations, enabling the resumption of economic activities and social tourism.

What Does the Qatar Airways Bubble Agreement Entail?

Under this agreement, Qatar Airways passengers traveling from the United Kingdom will not be required to quarantine upon arrival in Qatar. Similarly, passengers traveling from Qatar to the UK will also be exempt from quarantine.

However, certain conditions must be met for eligibility. To qualify for the bubble agreement, passengers must have stayed within the respective countries only for 14 days prior to travel. Passengers must also provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of travel. Additionally, travelers must fill out a health declaration form before departure and a Passenger Locator Form upon arrival.

Why is the Qatar Airways Bubble Agreement Important?

The bubble agreement is an essential step towards restoring international travel and the aviation industry`s recovery. As COVID-19 protocols have led to the closure of international borders, airlines` revenue and operations have been adversely affected. The agreement between the United Kingdom and Qatar will allow Qatar Airways to resume regular flights from the UK to Doha. This resumption of scheduled flights is vital for the airline`s recovery and will benefit travelers who have been patiently waiting to reconnect with friends, family, and business partners.

The Qatar Airways Bubble Agreement also sets a precedent for other countries to ensure quarantine-free travel. This agreement shows that countries can safely resume travel in a controlled environment and that with proper protocols in place, it is possible to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19.


The Qatar Airways Bubble Agreement is a positive step towards reviving the aviation industry and international travel. The agreement offers eligible passengers the opportunity to travel safely and quarantine-free, essential for both tourism and business. Although conditions apply, this agreement shows that it is possible to resume travel safely, protecting the health and safety of passengers, staff, and the wider community. As more bubble agreements come into effect, the revival of international travel and the aviation industry`s recovery will soon become a reality.